Motorcycle Ontario A to Z

Southern Cruisers Riding Club Niagara Chapter is proud to announce that for 2011, we will be holding a little contest called MOAZ (Motorcycle Ontario A to Z). uphold the values of our organization.

To help find a name or place, click on this link. links to the Ontario Government Geo Name Data Base.

Note there is place with an “x”, but it is an island, also under the column called “entity” look for the word “community” that will be a city, town, place.


SCRC 238 wants to acknowledge Bryan Broomfield aka Broomer of Kitchener SCRC 270 who developed the original concept of MOAZ along with the members of SCRC 270.


What is MOAZ ?

The purpose of MOAZ – Motorcycling Ontario A to Z, is to create an opportunity for you to get out and ride your motorcycle to cities or towns in Ontario that begin with each letter of the alphabet. There are 25 cities in total because there is no city that starts with the letter ‘X’, unless you can get your motorcycle onto an island off Perry Sound.

Any metropolis, city, town, village, borough, hamlet, blink and missed it location in Ontario is fine… as long as you can find a sign, park your bike and yourself in front of it and take a picture.

Plan a destination. Try to be creative. Niagara Falls for “N” and St. Catharines for “S” are not creative. Try not to use the town you live in, the purpose is to get out and ride.

The rules are simple, the objective is for you to get out and have some fun and explore this great province.


Most of all – Ride Safely!


You must ride your motorcycle to the city or town

There is no time limit

No minimum number of riders required (you can ride to the city by yourself)

Take a picture of you and your motorcycle in front of a sign with the city’s name on it (city sign, post office, city hall, library)

Only Ontario cities/towns count

They must be outside of the Niagara Region (so you need to ride somewhere)

On group or sanctioned rides, we will no stop to take pictures

‘Camera Ride’ pictures do not count – you must get off and take the picture


You must self post the picture(s) as follows:

Send only your link to the picture (set) along with your name and nickname to the webmaster to be posted on the MOAZ web page. If you need help please contact the WebMaster. See the guide on how to create a picture set.

Participating members names will be listed on this page with a link to your photo hosting site (ie: Picasea, Yahoo, Flicker etc).

After going to all 25 cities you will be awarded with a certificate and you will have the undying respect and admiration of your fellow chapter members.



Name               Nick Name

Ken Gansel     Next-50-Years Completed   on: 2011-07-17